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The average worker is no longer tied to a desk. Working from home, on the road, or moving around a large facility has become commonplace. Mobility offers several solutions to stay connected, no matter where you go.

Imagine you are sitting at your desk and you take a phone call. After a few minutes on the call, you realize you are late for an offsite meeting, so you seamlessly move the call to your mobile phone and continue the conversation. As you leave the building, the call automatically transfers from building wi-fi to the cellular network without a pause. When you turn on your car, your phone pairs with the car’s Bluetooth wireless and you’re able to finish the call on your drive.

The scenario above sounds like a scene from a movie about the future. However, all these features and more can be achieved with today’s mobility technology. Employees can stay connected with their mobile device at home or on the road using a mobility app on their smart phone utilizing either wi-fi or the cellular network. This technology not only greatly increases productivity, but also reduces costly long-distance and even international charges.

“Integral Building Systems, Inc. has helped us be more productive at WHEDA with the use of their collaboration tools. Our staff use the conference bridging/Connect client and the Mobility client included with our Mitel solution. With the Mobility client you get instant access to information no matter where you are with the Mobility app. The staff at IBS are very skilled technically and assist us with a timely and courteous response. IBS has done several projects with us on our Mitel VoIP phone system and we’re very pleased with the outcomes of the end solutions and the on-going technical support that they provide us.”

Joyce Rogers
IT Manager – WHEDA


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