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Venues and Auditoriums

These facilities present unique challenges but are opportunities to create something truly special.

Venues and auditoriums are generally much larger than conference room or board room. Ceilings are higher, seating level changes, and the range of events varies dramatically. In addition to system performance, we also consider the aesthetic impact on your venue.

When architects design an auditorium, they are typically required to maximize usable space and incorporate unique features to enhance the experience of guests. The same principles are true for the A/V design for the venue. Spacious auditoriums need careful consideration of how sound will react in the environment. You want a lively sound that is full, close, and natural all at once.

Whether your space seats 50 or 500, Integral Building Systems, Inc. is ready to help you create a system that will bring your venue to life.

“The Fort Howard Theater build has probably the smoothest rollout of any build we’ve done on campus in the last 5 years, the IBS technical team did a masterful installation. The space has been in full operation since it was completed. Everyone is really excited about this build, there hasn’t been anything but positive feedback from people viewing the space.”

A/V Manager
St. Norbert College


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