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Access Control

Access control ensures that an authenticated user accesses only what they are authorized to and no more.

The first logical piece to building security is an access control system such as proximity card access. The system gives a building owner full control of not only who can access their building but also what areas of the building they can access and at what times and days. In addition, an access control system gives the administrator detailed reports on who has accessed all areas of the building.

An access control system can be very simple or quite complex depending on the level of security a company hopes to achieve. Basic systems might cover just the main entrances of the building whereas complex systems could cover all building entrances as well as several interior doors. A well designed access control system can even dictate the flow of employees within a facility.

Integral Building Systems, Inc. supports several small access control systems on up to a 48 site card access system spanning four states. Using proven techniques we have given our customers the ability manage access to their buildings not only on site but remotely as well.

“Integral Building Systems installed a complex door access control system and met all our requirements and our budget while adhering to a very tight schedule. Our staff appreciated their willingness to meet our demanding needs.”

Matthew Prough
Information Technology Manager – City of Fitchburg


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