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Sound Systems

Sound system is a broad term that includes sound reinforcement, background music, sound masking and more.

Audio is critical and has a myriad of uses and benefits in the workplace, auditoriums, Houses of Worship and other indoor and outdoor venues. In a busy office, sound masking can reduce distraction, protect speech privacy and increase office comfort. Studies have shown that background music enhances productivity, alertness and team interaction. Sound reinforcement like a public address system can relay critical information to employees in a large facility. Professional sound systems relay information and audio content to larger audiences. House of Worship audio systems carry the message with clarity and uniformity.

Designing a sound system requires knowledge not just of products but the way sound travels to the ear. Building construction, ceiling height, wall type and more have to be considered. A good system will have even distribution to all relevant areas without dead spots.

Almost all types of facilities can benefit from a sound system. Our experts are here to discuss options and install a well-designed system that is sure to improve workplace meeting spaces, school venues or House of Worship auditoriums.

“We are extremely happy with the Stadium Sound System and the service that we have received from Integral Building Systems. The clarity in music for our home football games and track meets is greatly improved for our complex. Thank you!”

Timothy Haak
Athletic Director, Portage School District


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