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Collaborating used to mean scheduling a meeting or e-mailing a document for review. Desktop sharing, instant messaging and video chat enable on-demand collaboration instantly across the organization, no matter where your employees are.

The phrase “two heads are better than one” has been around for hundreds of years. It makes sense; two people will be able to bring different perspectives to solve the problem. But what if those two heads are hundreds of miles apart and have data to share? What if there are a dozen heads, each with a piece of a puzzle that need to be combined in a logical format to create a solution?

Unified Communication systems, both on-premise and cloud, offer an array of solutions to the dilemma above. Users all over the world can come together on a conference call, share desktops and collaborate real time. Individuals can assume control with a click and take over as a presenter and all the while, instant messaging can be used to converse.

“Integral Building Systems, Inc. has helped us be more productive at WHEDA with the use of their collaboration tools. Our staff use the conference bridging/Connect client and the Mobility client included with our Mitel solution. With the Mobility client you get instant access to information no matter where you are with the Mobility app. The staff at IBS are very skilled technically and assist us with a timely and courteous response. IBS has done several projects with us on our Mitel VoIP phone system and we’re very pleased with the outcomes of the end solutions and the on-going technical support that they provide us.”

Joyce Rogers
IT Manager – WHEDA


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