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Emergency Notification

An Emergency Notification system is a method of facilitating the dissemination of messages to one or many groups of people, alerting them to a pending or existing emergency.

An Emergency Notification platform can enhance physical security and improve day-to-day communication by providing a unified solution for bell schedules, mass notifications, one-touch lockdowns, desktop and mobile alerts, live and pre-recorded announcements, automatic weather alerts, and more – all leveraging your existing network infrastructure.

A few thoughts on where you can use an Emergency Notification system: Instantly notify employees both on and off-premise of emergency situations; Activate pre-recorded or live audio to provide instructions during lockdowns or evacuations; Alert employees and visitors of severe weather emergencies; Connect panic buttons to instantly notify building security or local authorities, enable discreet monitoring, and record on-going situations; Notify first responders when 911 or any other specific number is dialed within the building; Integrate smart building systems to detect improper entry, theft, fire and other events. All of these leverage your existing infrastructure to deliver notifications to beacons, analog systems, digital signage displays, desktop computers, and telephone sets.

“We chose Integral Building Systems, Inc. to install an emergency notification system for the district. The Advanced Network Devices units IBS specified are well built, attractive, and extremely visible in our environment. The units are easy to connect to our network, configure, and customize to get the look we wanted.”

Matt Pelland
Baraboo Schools


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