In 2010 Integral Building Systems, Inc partnered with Affiliated Communications based out of Plano, TX to create Affiliated Communications of Wisconsin.  We did this initially to support customers who had aging Nortel systems and over the course of the last six years, we’ve helped those customers keep those systems running and/or replace them with new technology.  We’ve also earned the business of many clients who did not start with us “way back when”.

It is with great pride and gratitude that we announce Affiliated Communications of Wisconsin, LLC’s acquisition by Integral Building Systems, Inc effective December 1, 2016.  Thanks to our loyal customers and the folks in Texas, we’ve gotten the customer base, experience, and certifications that have allowed us to bring this technology into the IBS portfolio.  This will allow us to be more efficient with all products and services we provide.

Our combined organization is committed to maintaining strong customer relationships throughout the integration and providing our customers with the excellent level of service and product quality that they have come to expect.